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Truck air conditioning compressor 【Catalog
【Product introduction】Automotive air-conditioning compressors are the heart of automotive air-conditioning refrigeration systems and act to compress and transport refrigerant vapors. Compressor is divided into two kinds of non-variable displacement and variable displacement. According to different working principles, air conditioning compressors can be divided into fixed displacement compressors and variable displacement compressors. According to different working methods, compressors can be generally divided into reciprocating and rotary type. Common reciprocating compressors have crankshaft connecting rod type and axial piston type. Common rotary compressors have rotary vane type and scroll type.

Rich models:

Hino,Fuso,UD Trucks,Isuzu,Hyundai(Later increase:Mercedes-Benz,Mann,DAF,Renault,Scania,Volvo, Iveco,MAZAnd other various models.)

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