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Trucks oxygen sensor 【Catalog
【Product introduction】Oxygen Sensors: Oxygen sensors are an essential element in engines that use three-way catalytic converters to reduce exhaust pollution. As the air-fuel ratio of the mixture deviates from the stoichiometric air-fuel ratio, the three-way catalyst's ability to purify CO, HC, and NOx will drastically decrease. Therefore, an oxygen sensor is installed in the exhaust pipe to detect the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas. The ECU sends a feedback signal, and then the ECU controls the increase or decrease in the fuel injection quantity of the injector, so that the air-fuel ratio of the mixture is controlled in the vicinity of the theoretical value.

Rich models:

Hino,Fuso,UD Trucks,Isuzu,Hyundai(Later increase:Mercedes-Benz,Mann,DAF,Renault,Scania,Volvo, Iveco,MAZAnd other various models.)

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